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Stressed? Let's do something about it!
Mentally drained? Let's do something about it!
Physically exhausted? Let's do something about it!

Nothing happens over night. It took years to get to the place you are now, but with dedication, focus, proper diet and exercise, you can reach that place within that you've longed for.

Do you know the amazing healing ability you possess within you? Your body has it's own innate healing abilities. Are you listening to your body when it talks to you? Or are you like many of us who just keep going and going until our body just drops?

 Everything begins with you. How you think, speak, and feel all start within You have the power to obtain what you want in your life. Take charge of your own healing NOWSpeak positive, Think positive, and Feel positive results from your massage session. Skeptical? Come and experience a soothing energetic massage, then feel the change for yourself.

Every massage session is customized to each clients physical and medical needs

Touch Research Institute has dug deep to discover the benefits massage brings.
No matter what type of massage technique you choose, there are two far reaching effects: IMPROVED CIRCULATION AND RELAXATION 

To tired to go to the gym, had a long stressful day, did you know :

Massage gives the benefits of having gone to the gym; by increased circulation, positive endorphins release and range of motion in joints increased. 

You also benefit with the increased blood flow to your brain. More clarity, focus an centered feeling.

 I am trained in a variety of modalities. To learn more about the various techniques I use, click on "Services

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Working the New York Area, providing house calls in  Brooklyn , Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island,  and the Bronx.

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